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Increasing Property Values


Did you know that the main reason for a HOA is to help increase property values in our neighborhood?

Increasing Property Values

We all have a part to play in helping to further increase property values in Silverleaf. From keeping our properties and houses maintained, to following HOA covenants, and even ensuring cars aren't parked on the street, together, we can help keep Silverleaf the premier neighborhood in Greer.

The Silverleaf HOA Board exists for the sole purpose of maintaining the community with the goal of increasing property values. The HOA takes care of all common areas - like the pool and park - using our annual dues to repair, maintain, and replace our numerous amenities. In addition, an HOA governs and runs the neighborhood, again with the sole purpose of increasing property value for the neighborhood.

The HOA's Effect on Property Values
  1. Creating a desirable community to live in - we strive to make Silverleaf the envy of Greer, a community that's safe, fun, and desirable for current and new neighbors

  2. Maintaining a beautiful neighborhood - our bylaws and covenants exist to to make the qualify of living better for everyone living in the neighborhood

  3. Enforcing rules and regulations - our HOA regulations are there to keep property values up, for everyone - from where you park your car, to how outbuildings are constructed, all are there to maintain a positive image for the community

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Steps you can take to help us all increase property values

Here's a few easy ways to help improve curb appeal and property value in Silverleaf.

  1. Maintain landscaping regularly - freshly cut grass, well-groomed bushes and trees

  2. Power wash surfaces - keep sidewalks, porches, houses clean and shiny

  3. Fresh coat of paint does wonders* - curb appeals and first impressions are important

  4. Cosmetic upgrades* - simple touches like house numbers, lighting, dress up the front door, etc.

  5. Keep parked cars in the driveway or garage - and help keep your neighbors safe in the process

* Reminder: some paint and cosmetic changes may need ARC approval from the HOA board.

Silverleaf Parking Regulations

Ensuring that cars are parked properly not only help boost curb appeal for you and your neighbors, it most importantly helps ensures the safety of those driving and walking throughout Silverleaf. 

  • Boats, trailers, campers, jet skies, etc. are NOT permitted to be store in your driveway or beside your house for more than 48 hours. ​

  • Inoperable vehicles must be removed from your property, or stored inside your garage.

  • Due to safety concerns, street parking* (long-term and/or overnight) is prohibited.

Please use your garage for it's intended purposes. This helps keep the neighborhood looking nice, and keeping cars out of the street improves visibility for those driving and walking. Let's keep SLF safe!

* Thank you to those who notify the HOA board for special circumstances that may require short-term street parking (i.e. graduation parties, etc.) - approval may be granted for special circumstances.

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