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Silverleaf HOA Board meets every month to discuss upcoming Silverleaf events and any neighborhood community issues.  Time, place, and date for those meeting is always posted in the Bi-Monthly newsletter for anyone to attend to keep up on current community events.


Members typically serve a 3 year term on the Board and it is a great way to meet your neighbors and to be involved in the Silverleaf Community.


Silverleaf HOA Annual Meeting is always the last Sunday of September every year where the HOA Board shares financial information and update on projects.  Every person in attendance is entered into a drawing to be exempt from HOA dues for the year ($450 value)!!  Of course, you must be in attendance for the duration of the meeting to win.  Click the link below for the current HOA Invoice, due dates and where to send your HOA fees.



Vice President



HOA and the Architectural Design of Silverleaf


Part of the HOA's role in the community is to keep the appearance of Silverleaf in step with how the subdivision as a whole has decided to maintain their appearance.  Structural changes to the homes in the subdivision are allowed, but members need to follow the guidelines set out in the Bylaws (see link above) and also need to be approved before any changes take place.  


For a guide to those rules and a form to submit for any architectural changes, please see the links below.  

Need to Contact us? Click HERE for a list of Who to Contact when you have questions or concerns.

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