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Frequently Asked Questions...

When does the pool open for Summer and what are the Hours of Operation?

The Pool will usually open on Memorial Day Weekend and be open until Labor Day Weekend.  Please click below for the current Pool Hours of Operation.

Can I reserve the Pool and/or Pavilion area for Private Parties?

Yes! Dates must be cleared with the HOA Board and a Refundable Deposit must be made to hold your date.  Click below for the link to Pool & Pavilion Rules and Reservation Forms.

What if I want to change the structure of my house?

There can be many modifications made to the houses in our neighborhood.... please see our Architectural Covenants and  Architectural FAQ's for more information!

I need a list of local Emergency Numbers and Contacts.

We have a list of Numbers You May Need!

Who can I use in the area for Repairs, Contracting work, and Home Improvements?

Using recommendations from our Silverleaf Communities, we have put together a list that should help you with your Home Help Needs

What is Silverleaf's Policy on Outside Solicitors, and what should I do if they are seen in the neighborhood?

If you choose to open the door to any solicitors in the neighborhood, you should get the name of their company, and then let them know there is a strict No-Solicitation Policy in Silverleaf.  Tell them that you, or other neighbors may notify the police if they do not leave immediately.  


If you choose, you may also report the name and incident to the Non-Emergency Police Number (see above). Let the police know the name of the company and the date and time of the incident.


A resident can also post the information on the Silverleaf Facebook site so that other people are made aware that there are solicitors to watch for and report.  

What is the HOA Mailing Address?

Silverleaf Home Owners Association
2123 Old Spartanburg Road
Box 174
Greer, SC, 29650

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